Saturday, October 22, 2016

Article about suspension and theory

Night light review

Hey all,

I was going to do a video review of this light, but I decided to return it before I even had a chance to shoot any footage. As you will notice at the link above this light only costs about $18. That should be setting off alarm bells in your brain that this product is so incredibly cheap that it cannot be good. I am here to confirm that idea for you.

It arrived in an unmarked brown cardboard box with kanji written on it. I opened the box and found all of the components to be in decent condition after shipment. Unfortunately all of the components are of very cheap quality and build. The rounded portion for clamping to a handlebar is designed for a 25mm or 1" handlebar so it was not going to work well for me as I run 31.8mm bars on any bike that I would ride at night.

The included "headband" was also of low quality. It had a small round plastic section that was on the front where I assume you were supposed to use all of the handlebar circular pieces to mount the light. This all made the whole assembly rather bulky and awkward.

I had to get one just to see what $18 gets you, but I cannot suggest it to anybody I know. Consider one of the lights below as an alternative. Sadly I have not had them in hand to evaluate if they are better or not but at least they come from a known cycle related company.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Night train

So I went biking with my buddy Shawn on Friday. We left my house for Elm Creek at about 5:30. PM. We had light for the first half hour or so, and then the darkness unfolded. Shawn had some baller lights he had borrowed from his brother that put out enough light for me to ride by! My single Innova headlight and cheap headlamp barely gave me enough light to pedal by let alone bomb the expert runs in GrizzLand. Shawn fell down once early trying to ride a skinny, and I hit a tree in the darkness and ended up sprawled out down the trail. Nothing damaged that I know of yet.
I think the moral of the story is that if I do a night ride again I need some firepower in the lights department!
Ride on,