Saturday, June 6, 2015

Aprilia Pegaso 650 water pump service

So, This fancy new bike I bought has a heat problem. While runnign down the road it stays very cool. When running very slowly, like trail/gravel riding for me, it tends to heat way up. Like in the red way up. BMW parts to the rescue! 11512343451 water pump impeller and shaft kit $60ish Includes: -impeller -dowel -shaft -2x oil seals Does not include: -wash, dowel, and drive gear inside case 11512343129 O-ring for impeller cover $3.00 Needed Aprilia parts: AP0230330 Aprilia water pump cover seal $20 AP0230581 left hand cover gasket $25 Aprilia parts from here: BMW parts from Molykote silicon grease is also recommended for the oil seals. You will also need coolant of your choice, and oil to refill the engine when you are done or all the goods for a complete oil change is you are anal about that kind of stuff. It is also very useful to have a copy of the factory manual. Step one - drain fluids. there is a hex head on the underside of the water pump housing. removing it will drain the coolant. There is a hex head bolt on the bottom of the engine sump. removing it will drain the oil. Step two - disconnect clutch cable Step three - remove water pump housing cover. Step four - remove left hand engine cover. five - remove water pump assembly and old seals. six - inspect water pump parts and cover for damage or unusual wear.

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