Saturday, October 31, 2015

And now for something completely different

Who knows what a trials bicycle is? I think not too many people!
Thanks to my friend Brian I now own not just a MotoTrials but also two Trials bicycles!

The first bike I bought was a Norco Evolve. It is from about 2007 and I think a pretty decent frame for general use. I have put a new front rim and converted to a front disc brake, and that is about it so far!

The second bike is more of a project really. A ZOO! Pitbull frame and some parts. I happened across this gem on eBay and it turned out to be a local seller so I messaged him and a week later I had the frame, a front fork, stem, handlebars and some worn out tires. Score!!

I have done some riding with Brian and some cats from Minneapolis and I feel like  I am doing okay, skills wise. I have to say that riding Trials is very enjoyable from both a personal fulfillment aspect and as a great training tool for general bike skills both Moto and Pedal.


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