Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What the heck industry!?

Okay I have a bone to pick with the latest batch of cycling magazines I have been browsing. I have read in multiple locations "save up your money and just buy a new bike because we all know the bike companies get a huge discount when they buy components by the truckload"

Wtf. These writers and editors apearantly have never bought a used bike? Why would I save up $2000 (cheapest HT stumpjumper at Erika's today) rather than spend $400 on a fork for my $150 Hardrock? That seems to go against the most basic rule of cycling, IMHO: go out and ride.

I am tired of the blatant commercialism of all the publications I used to read regularly. Whether it be bike mags, car mags, audio, you name it they all have shitty commercialism creating huge market changing trends.

What is wrong with a 26" bike wheel? Nothing. What is a + size tire? Why not just call it wide? Who cares about carbon, if you aren't made of money you better not!

*rabble rabble rabble*

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