Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First race! Yay

Hey all! Long time since any real posts or updates. Tonight I, and Leann, rode in my first MTB race, and finished! It was a pretty laid back local affair held at my "home" track of Elm Creek Preserve Trails. I finished 65 out of 75 or so with a time of 1:01.22. I did pass a handful of people but one mis-step going over an optional obstacle cost me early on, then a janky rear derailleur and soggy brakes lost me confidence.
Thanks to Shawn Hoffman for telling me about the races, wish I had heard about them sooner! Good job to the other Polaris nerds that come out and rode as well!
Over all I thought it was an awesome time, and a well spent $15! Big shout out to Three Rivers Park system and Maple Grove Cycle for providing all of the support.


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